Haymarket Media Group

Divisions: Haymarket Consumer Media, Haymarket Business Media, Haymarket Network

Role: Head of User Experience
Haymarket Media Group

Over the last three years, I have been at Haymarket Media Group as Head of User Experience. Initially hired to run the consumer division, but in subsequent years have moulded the role and taken on both the B2B division, and Haymarket Network UX, the agency arm of Haymarket Media Group, liaising with Network’s Creative Director, and Editorial Director.

My team and I manage or consult on a portfolio of 70 brands, and engage with all areas of the business. I’ve created both process and strategy, enhanced the UX team, worked closely with the Heads of Product Management, Development, and Project Management, introduced an optimisation process, now run by our successful Audience Behaviour team, and changed the outlook of UX and visual design delivery at Haymarket.

This process now incorporates UX discovery, UX research, more focus around UX architecture, a qualitative testing culture, bringing in testing methodologies, remote and face-to-face testing, heat-mapping and user recording tech, and better ways of delivering wireframes, designs and prototypes to the wider business, and our users.

The focus is now on understanding more about how those users interact with the products, as opposed to delivering because it’s based on whim or others experiences, from a qualitative and quantitive point of view. Think, Create, Learn, Iterate.

Haymarket Media Group Vision

My skill set is focused towards, ux design strategy, and delivery, including ux discovery, research, testing, visual design, internal creative consultancy, workshop and external pitch work and consultancy, team management and project organisation.

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